Exploration of the rain forest canopy using airships and other methods

The word dendronautics stems from the Greek words dendron (tree) and nautica (navigation). It is defined as the art of bringing persons or scientific instruments close to the crowns of forest trees, or more generally, as the art of aboreal exploration.


It is proposed that developments in dendronautics will assist the extended exploration of one of the Earth's richest and largely unexplored biomes: tropical rain forest canopy.


Within the endeavour known as  astronautics,  engineers and scientists have developed probes to explore the solar system. Within hydronautics, they have developed submersibles to explore the deepest parts of the Earth's ocean. It is therefore appropriate for engineers and scientists to develop dendronautics in to permit the extended exploration of a biome that contains millions of species of life - many of which have yet to be identified.


The objective of this website is to promote interest this niche activity, and thereby provide additional incentive to preserve the tropical rain forests of the world with all their rich biodiversity.