Exploration of the rain forest canopy using airships and other methods

December 2008:  Dr. Dave Roberts has joined the advisory group after organising a talk given by Graham Dorrington on dendronautics on December 4th at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, London

September 2008:  Marco Vinicio organised a talk given by Graham Dorrington on dendronautics at the National University, Costa Rica, see:  http://www.una.ac.cr/

June 2008: Dendronautics has been discussed in the spring 2008 issue of the Paris Review, see: http://www.theparisreview.org/viewissue.php/prmIID/184

April 2008: Ecologist Dr. Mark W Moffett has joined the advisory group. See: Doctorbugs

October 2007: Graham Dorrington gave a talk on dendronautics at the Oxford University Exploration Club on October 18th 2007.

May 2007: PhD studentships on the engineering side of this project are currently available, see:

April 2007: Dendronautics.org wishes to thank the Westfield Trust for a small grant in April 2006. An extension was also awarded by the Westfield Trust in April 2007.

March 2007: Dr. Mark Mulligan and Prof. Meg Lowman have joined the the advisory group.

December 2006: Another (French-led) dendronautical project has also received a major grant: Pronatura and Griffiths University obtained funds to test a "Canopy Glider" or "Arboglisseur", an interesting jet-powered Roziere (helium plus hot-air) design, over forest in Australia. For more information see: