Exploration of the rain forest canopy using airships and other methods

The following photographs were made by G. Dorrington during the previous projects mentioned on page 4 

They represent an extremely small sample of the flora and fauna of rain forest canopies.  


Golden frog (Colostethus/Anomaloglossus beebei) in a giant bromeliad, Guyana, 2004 
Note: this image now also appears on a website solely concerned with dart frogs: see:




Young orang utan (Danum Valley, Sabah), 1995

  Orang utan nest, photo taken from D-4 airship, Danum Valley, 1995




Black and Yellow Broadbill (Danum Valley, Sabah), 1995




Epiphytes growing on a branch at a height of about 30 metres, Danum Valley, 1998




Canopy in French Guiana, 2005




Squirrel Monkey (Samiri scureus), French Guiana, 2005




Praying Mantis, French Guyana, 2005                       




The following photographs were made by G. Dorrington during a 3 day recce to Tiputini in 2006, see: http://tiputini.usfq.edu.ec/


Beetle (Canthon smaragdulus)



Tiger beetle



Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix lagotricha)


Cruzcapsi, (Brownia, Fabaceae)




Balsa tree flower and fruit




White Throated Toucan, (Ramphastos tucanus)




Short-billed Honeycreeper, (Cyanherpes lucidus)




Stinkhorn fungus (Staheliomyces cinctus)